National President

Aditya Mohan is Young Political Activist belonging to Madhubani District of Bihar. He is politically active in Mithila Region since last 6 Years. He has Served General Secretary post of Mithila Student Union Which is currently the Biggest Student Body in Whole of Bihar. 

A Software Engineer by Profession and Social Activist by Passion, Aditya Mohan is Famous for His Campaigns and Coordinating Capabilities. In last 6 Years he was active in More than 60 Big political and Non political Andolans and Campaigns in Mithila Region.

Millions of People knows him Personally. Recently he Ran a Campaign for #AphcChaluKaro for opening closed Hospitals and health centres. This Campaign got a lot of Public attention and Support. Last Year he along With Anup Maithil ran two
Successful Campaigns, #NoVoteWithoutDarbhangaAirpor for opening of Darbhanga Airport and another for GI tag of Mithila Makhana. Both of These two Campaigns were very important for Development of Mithila and effected more than 50 Million Maithili Speaking people of Mithila Region.

He is said to be the Initiater of Trend of Social Media campaigns in Mithila. Last Year, He along with Anup Maithil also led a very Successful Twitter Campaign #Tweet4Mithila under which dozens of Successful Twitter Trends happened Later.

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