Mr. Anup Maithil is belong to Mithila Region of Bihar and have been politically active in the Area since last 8 years. I have also been the Founder and First national President of Mithila Student Union (MSU) Which is currently the Biggest Student Body in Whole of Bihar. In last 8 Years, I was active in More than 60 Big political and Non political Andolans and Campaigns in Mithila Region. Millions of People know me Personally.

In 2020 I successfully ran Two Campaigns, #NOVOTEWITHOUTDARBHANGAIRPORT for opening of Darbhanga Airport and another for GI tag of Mithila Makhana. Both of These two Campaigns are very important and Development related Issue of Mithila and effect more than 50 Million Maithili Speaking people of Mithila Region.