Purnia Team

Avinash Kumar Mishra

President , Purnia

Mr. Avinash Kumar Mishra belongs to Mithila region of North East Bihar and is politically and socially active in this region since last 6 years. I am also the Purnea District President of Mithila Students Union (MSU) and in-charge of Purnia Division which is currently the largest student body in the whole of Bihar. In the last 6 years, I was active in more than 40 major political and non-political movements and campaigns in Mithila region. Millions of people know me personally.
In 2020 I successfully ran two campaigns, #Purnea Airport to open Purnea airport and another for GI tag of Mithila Makhana. Both these campaigns are very important and development related issues of Mithila and affect more than 50 million Maithili speaking people of Mithila region. At present there is a constant struggle over many public problems of our region like Purnea Airport, High Court Bench, Medical College, Central University and Sub-Capital etc.